Welcome to Artistica Design! I’m Emanuela and this is where my inspiration translates into real objects.

My passion for art started early in my life. Since when I can remember I have been fascinated by paintings and visual art. Studying painting and history of art at the Fine Arts Academy in Naples was the natural way to embrace this passion and improve my artistic knowledge and skills.

I then worked as a painting, paper and book restorer in Italy before taking a break to care for my children. Almost 6 years ago we moved to Ireland with my family and when the kids got older I started to work again at the same time as we moved from Dublin to Wicklow. The inspirational scenery and the relaxed and stimulating vibe I found here helped me find new ideas and boosted my motivation. Starting to work again was the best way to get more involved in the community and feel more and more at home in what has now become our Country.

Of course, for me to start working again meant only one thing: going back to art. After some time spent painting and restoring furniture I discovered a new passion for a material that most of the people (me included, at least up to some time ago) do not consider enough: cardboard.

It might seem strange at first but cardboard, even if normally considered as a “poor” material, has a lot of qualities. It is more similar to wood than paper, it’s strong, resilient and easy to be made waterproof. It is easy to work with, lightweight and most of all it is sustainable and recyclable, which I believe extremely important given the amount of waste our society produces.

Cardboard objects and furniture are a huge trend in continental Europe, thanks to the many great features this material has.

I use cardboard to produce frames, pictures, design objects and even furniture (you would be surprised by how sturdy a chair or a table made out of cardboard can be!). The high adaptability of cardboard allows me to unleash my creativity and produce uncommon shapes and designs.

A lot of the objects I make are fully customizable so a big part of my work is made to order.

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